Waldorf What?

When the link to Homeschooling on a Shoestring was published, there was some discussion about the overview of teaching styles. A friend of mine, who happens to be a very talented artist, was curious about the Waldorf Style. We hadn't heard of it before, at least not under this label. According to the post, it is a teaching style that integrates head, heart and hands. It involves art, faith and lots of hands on activities. While there are many elements of Waldorf philosophy that are not compatible with our Classically Catholic teaching style, we have occasionally borrowed ideas to make our curriculum more colorful and whimsical. Follow this link to Serendipity for free downloads of creative lesson plans and charming stories about fairies and gnomes that will make language arts and math the favorite subjects of the day. Since the author is all about keeping it Catholic, you will also find stories of the saints beautifully woven into the presentations. I imagine our summer will be filled with Gnomes and Gnumbers and Salads and Stories with the Nasturtium Fairy for enrichment activities disguised as creative fun. I am forever thankful for those who share their Holy Spirit-inspired talents with the rest of us, solely for the glory of God. Thanks Elizabeth


Hi Suzzane! I found your BLOG through the Google alerts I get about Waldorf. Wow! I am so impressed. You have so many useful links on your BLOG. I invite you to share your links with my list on Fridays we have BLOG sharing day :) I am not Catholic but I have a lot of close Catholic friends and I know the list has a very multi-denominational population including Catholic homeschoolers. We are at:


And we have something else in common! I also have links to the other site you mention. I love her gnomes!
rox said…
I am happy catholics are warming up to waldorf education but it also annoys me how these same people with these wonderful blogs openly judged and shunned those of us who used Oak Meadow / waldorf yrs ago.
I remeber mentioning how we used OM for yrs on the CCM list and these same women let it be known how we were not catholic enough if we used waldorf methods / curriculum etc. not seeing how one can incorperate style & methods without adding any of the wacky religious aspects .
I guess there always will be ground breakers out there and I'm happy to have been one of them and our catholic /waldorf children now adults are just fine and certainly catholic enough for Him ☺

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