Safe Harbor From Gustav

Gustav turned out to be a great excuse for a family reunion at my sister's farm in rural Texas. As the storm raged on the Gulf Coast, we were feeding cows, chasing chickens, dirt bike riding, swimming, and hosting our first annual Family Wii Tournament.

Giordan Shooting Targets
"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!," cries mom in vain.

Sure Shootin Shellie
Dominator Takes the BB Gun
Even Antonio Gets In On The Action

KT on a Biking Lesson
She's Off!

BJ Turning Over the Reins

Motorcycle Mamma

AnnaBannanna Country-Style

Chicken Fighting

Nene's Chicks

Visitin till the Cows Come Home

We went to mass at St. Matthew's Church and ran into a family of 14 (at least we saw 11 of the gang) that we knew from home, who also evacuated to Texas. The priest and parishioners of St. Matthew's were very welcoming and offered to open their homes and Family Life Center as shelter for us. Thankfully we had family there, but it was nice to see fellow Catholics look out for each other.

Much to my children's chagrin, the school supplies were safely tucked in the back of the car and we were able to get back into some semblance of routine. Our prayers were with those who had already suffered the wrath of Gustav in Cuba, and with all of the Gulf Coast families who have just rebuilt after Katrina and Rita.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, pray for us.

Gustav was quite an experience. It was no Katrina, but still had quite an impact on the coast. Thanks to my brother-in-law and sister, who hosted 18 of his in-laws for the duration. (And fed us very well, I might add...)

Rene and Jamie Prepping for the Hurricane Party

We were little piggies during the evacuation:

First we went to the market,

then we drove to Rene's Home.

We ate every known recipe with ground beef

and played games until Gustav was gone.

And all my children cried Wii, Wii, Wii, all the way home.

Uncle Myron Taking the High Score


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