Enthralled with Beowulf

Behold two wide-eyed brothers as they listen to the hero's tale of Beowulf. I do not believe they ever sat so still for a story before. Once the master story teller closed the book and uttered those dreaded words, "the end," the younger two wrestled for the book to pour over the illustrations. With a surprised and curious look on his face, my 4 year old exclaimed,
"What?! You mean Beowulf's a guy? Where's the wolf?"
You'd think dragons and ogres would be enough. It is a story for a man cub, is it not? The girls were not so easily impressed.


Mairs said…
We read Beowulf this year too - all the kids LOVED it! How many 4 yo's do you know who play Beowulf for fun?! lol (anything big enough to eat Mom and Dad is a good thing, right?!)

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