Lovin Those Lapbooks- Pt II

History Lapbooking was a new experience for us. It was an interesting way to catalogue the maps, reports and art projects for the unit. Here are some sample pics. The red page on the left is a sideways page illustrating St. Jerome (Bible and Skull- I know it looks a bit like a chocolate chip cookie from this angle). Our budding artist does a better job with maps and pencil drawings than paint. You can catch a glimpse of his comic knights in colored pencil and a charcoal sketch of Thomas Aquinas above the report.

The paper dolls that came with the history cards activity book were a hit with my youngest daughter. Hers never made it into the lapbook because she had too much fun playing with them in her spare time. Dear son decided if he absolutely had to make a paper "ahemmm" doll he could at least attach his with thread to make it an interactive part of the display. I thought it was a clever solution to his dilemma.


Here is one of the completed lapbooks from our Chemistry unit. At least one of the kids had some fun with it, but the others viewed it as an extraneous project to avoid. Go figure!
Each element had a flip up page for more description. I loved the Elements of the Earth info wheel. Creative! The silicon atom was made out of string and hole punch dots.
Some of the kids may have balked about making the lapbooks, and I did indeed, need a gag and pair of handcuffs to keep myself from "polishing up" the apathetic students' handiwork, but everyone loved the experiments! The Microchem Kit was a great investment.

Now if we could figure out how to correct the date on the camera! It's not like rocket science or anything. Sheeeshhh.

So Chemistry is officially over. The lapbooks have been shelved and we are moving on to use what is left of the year for gardening and experiments with composting, hydroponics, and upside down planting. Since it is 70-80 degrees and sunny outside, we need an excuse to get out there and get our hands dirty.


Mrs. Darling said…
We've got two lapbooks under way here, one on Spring and one on Easter. Seems sorta ironic when one considers that it snowed all day yesterday. Oh well, we can dream!

Love your lapbooks. I would never have the kids attempt one n chemistry thought! Yikes, that subject has always scared me!
Jennifer Merkel said…
I loved this post! You make Science look so doable. I have fond memories of various sheep organs...
What version of Beowulf is that?
I'd like to use it for the boys here.
Lapbooks require some getting used to, but we are finally fans here too.

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