Easy as ABC

A is for Apple Pie, yummmm!

We borrowed this idea from Serendipity . It was great fun for my 4 year old to cut out the pie crust and slice the apples for a tasty dessert. It makes a nice reward for all of that time practicing his letters on the white board and sounding out short A words.

His brother is trying his hand at reproducing artwork from the Brandywine Museum in PA.
(There is a good bit of painting and play dough scheduled for these hot summer days).
In spite of the heat, we went Blueberry picking yesterday (afterall, B does come next). Tomorrows treats will certainly be Blueberry Muffins and Bananna Bread. I only hope it isn't too hot to turn on the oven. Maybe we should settle for Berry Smoothies instead. Next will be my all time favorite- CARROT CAKE! Double Yummm! Teaching the little guy to read may cost Mom in the calorie department. Maybe we should pair the cooking lessons with Aerobics, Body Building, and Cycling. Or maybe not. We will just have to work quickly through the alphabet until we get to S for Swimming and W for a Walk around the block. I am too tired to even go to the gym for Body Combat anymore. Must be the heat. Couldn't be the age thing. I may even jump a few letters to get to N for Nap.

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