Fiddleheads and Fronds

A cool and breezy morning was a welcomed relief from the hot and humid stickiness of the past few weeks.

After morning mass we snuggled up with our science book for a lesson on ferns, mosses, and algae. I didn't have to ask twice if anyone was up for a nature walk in search of specimens for the classroom. We left the older kids to have some quiet time to goof off study, and took the bikes down to the swampier area of the neighborhood (Yes, we really do live near the swamp). As we rounded the bend the kids were excited to see all of the algae in the water.  But closer observation revealed that it was not algae at all.  This water plant was the focus of the morning.

 The boys examined it carefully with the magnifying glass, before flinging it onto each other. We did manage to bring home a small sample to view under the microscope.  Didn't have any luck finding tadpoles, though dear daughter tried her best. But we did find fiddleheads and fronds for the nature books.  All in all it was a very pleasant morning if you overlook me yelling like a maniac as the boys recklessly raced down the middle of the road on the way home.

Everyone is looking forward to more beautiful days so we can work in the yard and refresh the garden. For my  friends on the East Coast I must clarify:  Cooler days and fall-like weather around here really means low 80's with no humidity. I do miss the beautiful fall colors and real change of season- more than a little. But I am still getting tomatoes and peppers from the garden, so I won't complain too much.

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