First Day of School

Day one and we are doing well. This may be the only day of the year that I will not be behind in grading papers. Yeah!!! The ranks are dwindling, with another daughter off to college. I think we will be saying goodbye to a someone every other year from here on out.... until the youngest rules the roost (He may never leave.) I do not know what I will do all day once the nest is empty.

At least 3 of the kids are enthusiastic about beginning the new term My strategy is to wait until September to begin, when all of the neighborhood children have already been going to school for 2 weeks. The boredom is overwhelming and they start asking me when we can start. And when we do actually break out the books and new school supplies, everyone pretends not to be too excited (except, of course, the drama queen who shrieks with excitement). But I can tell. It is time.


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