Thankful For Safe Travel

Thanksgiving was a bit chaotic, a bit  unbelievably loud, and totally wonderful this year. Dear husband and the menfolk were overseeing the big turkey fry, while the kids took shifts in the kitchen preparing their favorite side dishes.

My 13 year old reminded his younger brothers how awesome this feast would be and displayed his history lapbook on the buffet.

 My grandson arrived from Georgia with his mom Monday evening. Unfortunately, my son in law was grounded on the Army base, waiting to hear if he will be deployed again.  There is a prayerful chance that he will be discharged before Christmas (only 3 months behind schedule).

The newlyweds came in from Maryland and Texas on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.  One son was working on the boat for the holiday, but he spent the Feast of Christ the King with us and will hopefully be back in time for Christmas. It is nearly impossible to get everyone together for a meal, much less a week long get together these days. We practically need to host a wedding if I want a family picture.

My Mom, two brothers, a sister-in-law, one niece, and two nephews also joined us for the day. We cooked, ate, drank, played Bocce, ate more, played chess / checkers / Bananagrams / Wii, and ate some more. My Mom and brothers' families left around 10 pm, but we were up with kids until midnight just chatting, debating, and solving all of the problems of the world. The sensible ones went to bed while the die hards (all female) planned a shopping spree.

The house is quiet now and I am Thankful for this visit. It will be quite a while before we can all sit around the kitchen to share embarrassing stories about each other and laugh over a glass of wine or eggnog. I am thankful that everyone arrived safely and pray that they will return safely. I am also most thankful that next year we will need to set another place at the table because God is blessing us with a new grandchild!


Andrew & Laura said…
We have no plans! We're going to watch the parade and haven't even decided if we're going to cook a big dinner. Just spending the day with the girls and appreciating not having to travel! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and tell everyone we said hello!
Suzanne said…
I hope you have a memorable Thanksgiving no matter how you celebrate. After the move I bet you are ready to chill for a while. Make some great memories, though!

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