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Proudly Served Family and Country

The alarms and monitors beep and chime as I sit in ICU with my Dad. 
How long, Oh Lord, will this continue?I am reminded of my own labor and delivery experiences. Dear husband nervously watching monitors and telling me when a contraction had begun, as though I hadn't noticed. Looking at me as though he wished he could take the burden from me- but knowing that he really couldn't bear it. It wasn't his to bear, at least not firsthand. But it was his to share. We were always interrupted by the nursing staff, popping in and out of the room to offer reassurance and explain the physiological implications of the charts and graphs to the engineer I married. Dear Husband paced around the room to keep his mind off of my impending discomfort and the hockey game he was missing. So many similarities; new life transitioning into the world, and a well worn life transitioning into the mysteries of the Last Things. Transition is always the most difficult part. Seems like it lasts forever. F…