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Happy Birthday, Graduate!

Congrats Dear Daughter. We are proud of you.

Love, Mom and Dad

It is a landmark Year! She is 18, working her first job, graduating from high school tonight with 12 hours of college credit under her cap, and a recommendation from her English professor to join the honors program. Life is good, especially today.

I remember teaching her to read using vinyl letters suctioned to the bath tub wall. She set the bar high for her younger siblings by walking at 8 months and learning to read at 3 years. She caught on so quickly that I knew this homeschooling business would be a piece of cake. It took a couple more children for reality to kick in. Dear daughter had a photographic memory, a special gift from God which was no reflection on my teaching skills. My favorite memories, besides holding her for the first time, were watching her imitate the saints as she became whatever character she was reading about from the Vision Series. When we couldn't find her, we would look in her hermitage, holl…