It's A Boy!

And another boy!
Double the blessing, and born on a special feast day as well! They look and sound more like the Sons of Thunder than Saints Peter and Paul- but the official names are Christopher Jax and Michael Gage. The proud parents are looking pretty good themselves, but I promised not to post their pics until they've had a good nights' sleep.
Behold the Handiwork of God!


jricco316 said…
Suzanne, they are adorable. You usually see twins with tubes in them in th NICU. What a great mom to be able to hold out till 38 weeks. The pictures are wonderful. I can't wait to see them.
Michelle said…
Oh so precious! And healthy- what a double blessing!
mommyx12 said…
Awesome. What a blessing. Reminds me of my own twins born 12 years ago. Yikes, they're getting old!! Found your blog link from mega family blogs. My youngest is 4. Our age range is similar.
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