Muster Up Some Courage!

"Where's your chewin tobacco? I heard all you southern belles chewed tobacco.
Well that Union soldier  got everyone in the crowd  riled up  for a good battle. It was a beautiful day for the Fall Muster and Beauvoir was the perfect setting.

All the boys wanted were replicated weapons, but they had to settle for kepis.

They were all in line for this soldier's demonstration of loading and firing his weapon.

Of course Gina wanted a hoop skirt and belle gown.
She was rather disappointed in the drab colors and plain Jane dresses. But she did find a belle or two wearing pink. We bought her a crocheted hair net to complete her own costume.

How about a bird's eye view of the battle?

We picked up a few ideas to design our own props and costumes for the homeschool encampment. Mr. 14 Year Old, the perfectionist, decided he would have to be a Union Officer since they were the most "uniform" of all the re-enactors. He couldn't deal with the hodge podge uniforms of the grays. He is busy cutting up an oatmeal canister to make canteens for his men. And the younger boys? They are shooting it out in the backyard. 
Brother against brother.
We'll be reading The Red Badge of Courage  and watching a few movies so they can get a feel for the real tragedy of this (and every) war. 

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