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Reason # 5,078 to Homeschool

So your college aged student can handle her 
Sophist- icated professor. Dear Daughter is taking honors English at the local university and surprise- they are studying Greek Lit.  

Suppose you are the college professor tasked with instructing students who actually want to study Odysseus, Sophocles and the philosophers of ancient Greece. What will be the emphasis? Perhaps an analysis of historical, oratorical and philosophical prose? Or shall they compare / contrast the dialects of the Ionians, Aeolians, and Dorians?  Maybe they will contest the existence of the material world. No, no, no, my dear. The focal point of all discussion will be love. But not just any love.  Why waste time on  Agape, Philia, or Storgewhen the professor is obsessed with Eros? Yes indeed, we shall listen to lectures that are an amalgamation of the following bibliography: The Lesbian and Gay Studies ReaderPlato's Republic and Feminism, Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality, Feminist Interpretation…