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The Dusty Little Box

The following is a reprint, compliments of Beyond These Walls. It follows a series of guest posts entitled A Life Apart on Planted and Blooming which includes You Must Be Catholic.
Thanks, Jenna! So many young women will figure this out a little too late, unless people like you continue to bare their hearts and speak the truth that is engraved on our bodies and souls:

                The Dusty Little Box When I began using the Pill, my fertility was little more than a nuisance in my life. Like a gnat at a barbeque it always seemed to pop up and ruin the moment, and just wouldn’t be shooed away. The constant worry (particularly as that time of the month approached), month after month after month, was driving us both insane. Well, I just wasn’t going to stand for that kind of oppression at the hands of my own biology – I found a way to stick it to those pesky ovaries. I’d shut them up. The Pill freed me from the chains of fertility, and for me, that made the Pill jus…