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Boys Will  Must Be Boys!

The boys are at it again. Wielding swords, exploding grenades, and wrestling from one end of the yard to the other. It doesn't bother me that they need action and constant activity, as long as they take it outside. I know they must have an adventure to tackle, a mission to fulfill, and something larger than themselves to defend.  It is important for them to know life has a grand purpose. No hand holding around the campfire singing Kumbaya for my guys. Every aspect of their lives, even especially their faith, is manly. That is why we choose Conquest Camp for the boys' retreats. Where else can a guy zipline across a creek with an Army Ranger  priest before mass?

Our days are filled with fearless stories like Knight of the Golden Plain and adventures recommended by Michael O'Brien in A Landscape of Dragons. Our guys are allowed encouraged to be Hockey Stars, Cowboys, Knights and Warriors, even though they sometimes do get hurt. 
Mom just has to read books like Wild at Heart, to…

Nesting Instincts- Taylor Style

Some people clean and set up baby's room.
But Taylor has her own style.  She shops....... And bakes...... And bakes..... Aren't these the cutest birth announcements you have ever seen? Imagine the look on the nurses' faces when she handed each one a personalized cookie in honor of her sons' arrival, just an hour after her section. Sweet! So where does one hide a gazillion cookies from a houseful of hungry aunts and uncles? Now we need to get all of the cookies out of the crib to make room for the babies.

It's A Boy!

And another boy! Double the blessing, and born on a special feast day as well! They look and sound more like the Sons of Thunder than Saints Peter and Paul- but the official names are Christopher Jax and Michael Gage. The proud parents are looking pretty good themselves, but I promised not to post their pics until they've had a good nights' sleep.
Behold the Handiwork of God!