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History and Home Economics

What do these things have in common? Sewing costumes for re-enactments of course. Our dear friends in Maryland  inspired this endeavor.

Here is my tween, trying her hand at a Civil War period dress.

We haven't actually begun to cover the Civil War yet. We are still plodding along the Oregon Trail and studying the California Gold Rush. But since these costumes will take a while to come together, we will sew as we go. Meanwhile, a Westward Expansion Lapbook is in the works. Who knew history could be so much fun!

The Last Hoorah!

We enjoyed a Labor Day holiday at the my sister's Hacienda. It was a weekend filled with too much food, too much wine, too little sleep, but lots of wonderful family time.

The kids enjoyed the animals, the rock star competition, and just hanging with their cousins.
The big kids played some Texas Holdem, some rowdy Left Right Center Dice,  and there were some serious winners...  The younger players competed for candy bars. Sweet! Overall it was a very cool Labor Day.