You Are Never Too Old.....

For the Children's Museum:
Who wouldn't want to stand inside a bubble,
Test their reflexes in an automobile simulator,
Or "make groceries" at Winn Dixie?

They always want to be the check out clerk. 
I believe they think the cashier gets to keep all the money.
I can't believe sweet 16 cut off a 2 year old in the line.
Little Miss Innocent.
Will do anything for King Cake.

Time for a cafe break.
He remembered to say grace.
But must have forgotten his wallet.
Short order cooks loving their jobs.
Time for the next stop....
Snow White and the Cleaning Dwarf
Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum...
I like a guy who clean sweeps the house.
And she finally gets her own room.
And he has a chance to build something cool.
Let's end the day with something sweet.
A real cafe with real beignets.
Quick, before Mom realizes this is my third one!
A ride on a real streetcar this time.
Sure beats walking in the city.
A great week to turn 16.

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