Mr. Bonejangles

Friday lab was fabulous. We continued with the dissection labs (Kidneys this week) and added to our paper models from The Body Book. Now I know my model looks a bit anorexic, and she seems to have a touch of osteoporosis. It was mentioned that she could benefit from some lamination therapy.
Can you imagine the surprise when my dear friend and lab partner showed up for Friday's class with this special gift in hand?!
A laminated skeleton model complete with moving joints. And that is not all. She even labeled and colored various body systems which can be layered and attached to the main frame with velcro. How cool is that?!
Circulatory System
Digestive System
Respiratory System

Let's put it all together.
What do you think? Is this not the coolest model any homeschooling mom ever owned?
And it even comes with a handy dandy storage system....
I cannot thank you enough, 
Kimberly@ Saint's Faith, Hope, and Charity, 
for this labor of love. It will be well used over the years.

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