Miracles In Action

Friday Night we attended the Out of Africa fundraiser at La Maison Gautier, where we dined on grilled tuna, Swahili shrimp, and a New Orleans favorite, Bananas Foster.  The silent auction was great fun. Dear Husband and I were high bidders on a number of interesting items, including these handmade crafts from Kenya....
And a quilted bag sewn by refugees from the Rwandan genocide. Sewing Sowing Peace is the mission of women who quilt side by side with those who were once their mortal enemies.
The beauty of this bag exceeds the colorful patterns, because it was stitched together with heroic love. I will remember their testimony every time I use it. Lord change my hardened heart to  love enough to join them when we pray, "As we forgive those who trespass against us."

The most unique purchase was this Nativity Set made from banana leaves.
Isn't is fabulous? It may remain on display throughout the liturgical year. I can't stop admiring the handiwork.

Local businesses also donated items for the silent auction. My dear friend solicited a donation from a local business for a Fleur De Lis Basket and a rocking horse. They were more than generous. 
I battled for this whimsical hammock swing.....
and won. 
Now my girls are arguing over who gets to use it first. What makes them think I'm not going to beat them to the porch? The boys want a Jedi version. Maybe we can manage a DIY rendition in Republic Red.

Now it is time to balance the checkbook. I am not doing such a great job staying within budget this month. But at least these purchases were for an excellent cause, don't you think?

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