14 to 4 Overnight

We had everyone together for the big birthday bash

......and then it started.  
Almost overnight we went from a household of 14 to 4.

  • Uncle Nick took a nasty fall and is recuperating in a skilled nursing facility until his physical therapy is complete. Anticipated discharge: the end of summer. 
  • The grandsons and their mother left to visit  friends and relatives in Maryland for who knows how long. If the economy is more promising in the Northeast, the visit could turn into a permanent move. 
  • We delivered 1 son and 4 daughters to Camp in North Carolina.
That means we are a typical American family of  4 until the first week of August. 
Sort of.

  • I don't remember how to cook for 4. 
  • The washing machine is in shock now that we are doing laundry twice a week instead of twice a day. 
  • I mopped the floor yesterday for the first time this week. 
  • Haven't had to wash the table cloth more than once a week either.  
  • It takes about 20 minutes to clean the entire house, because it is staying clean longer.  
It is like living in the twilight zone. Eerily quiet, amazingly peaceful, and CLEAN. I miss my kids at camp, but Wow! I could get used to this. With a child leaving for college every two years, I suppose this is a foretaste of the not so distant future. There are still a gazillion projects to complete, letters from camp to answer, and lessons to plan for next school year.  So I can't complain of boredom. But on the brighter side, I did promise myself a mani/pedicure as a reward for taming the jungle garden. There are also two white rockers on the porch and a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge just waiting for Dear Husband's arrival. And is that a plain white canvas I hear calling my name? I may actually get a chance to answer that call very soon.

Eutrapalia at its finest.


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