Opening Day at Two Fun Camps

After a whirlwind tour of some of Carolina's most beautiful waterfalls, we packed up the teens for a month long stay at Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga.  Dear son was up with the sunrise, so I brought him to the boys' camp first. The counselors had just gathered for breakfast when he surprised them by arriving so early. Luckily his cabin counselor is a friend of the family, and very understanding.

Once he picked his bunk and gave his brother a quick tour, we said an unceremonial good-bye.No hugs, no mushy stuff, just "See ya."  Then I was off to get the girls moving for opening day at Kahdalea.

When we entered Kahdalea, it was like entering the Shire.
We were greeted by a babbling brook
Passed a vine covered gazebo
And fully expected to see Pippin and Meri peak out of this tree, which could walk away at any moment.

The girls were especially excited when they were greeted by cheering counselors, like Dear Daughter.
 Things were really cranked up when a bus load of kids arrived, and the jambalya was discovered in the luggage compartment.
 The girls met their cabin counselors.
 Then we hiked up the hill to the cabins. I needed an inhaler by the time we reached this one.
Lots of hugs and happy good-byes as I left the sisters to have the time of their lives in North Carolina.
Then it was time for Grandma and me to hit the road with two disappointed young boys, daydreaming of the day when Chosatonga would be theirs for the summer. Maybe in a couple more years. I am not ready to send them, just yet.  But there is always Family Camp at the beginning of August, when we will take Dad on the winding road to paradise for a long weekend. Oh the stories they will tell around the campfire that weekend. I cannot wait.

It is going to be a quiet summer at home. 


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