Gearing Up for Cycle I: Ancient History/ Literature/ and Finally- Focus on Art!

The van is unpacked, the kids are scrubbed down from head to toe, and we officially killed the washing machine with cave sludge and camp debris. So it is time to gather the school supplies and switch into last minute panic mode  planning mode. I am excited about our Ancient History and Literature curriculum, especially since we are finally concentrating on Art  for an entire school year. And I found a fabulous resource for free printables at this site.
HT: Amy. Thanks!

Lesson plans will be posted soon, but first- a trip to the laundry mat. Ugh!!!! Looks like a shop lesson for kids.
BTW- I am incredibly grateful for a husband who isn't afraid to tackle a tricky repair in order to save big $$$$.
Note to Dear Husband: Thanks for coming home after a long day at the office to repair college student's car by the last twinkle of daylight, then tear this monster apart. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping this family rolling along. Love you!


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