Too Clean for Comfort

I bet you never thought I would say those words. After all, how can anything be too clean? 
Well, I once knew a nurse that suffered terribly at home because she worked long hours in a sterile environment. She became sensitive to everything in the air. 
Not that my house is a sterile environment. But after cashing in on a Groupon for 60% off of a total house cleaning,  it is as close to immaculate as possible. With 5 kids away at summer camp, and Uncle Nick recuperating in a skilled nursing facility, the house is actually staying spic and span. 
Fewer people= lighter meals, less laundry, less traffic, and cleaner floors. 
And since it is summer, we are spending more time at the pool, so even the boys are cleaner. 
So much so that my Dear Husband said he never saw anyone get such a charge over cleaning. 
Not cleaning, my Dear, but having it cleaned
That is the part that I love (especially when it can be done on this frugal budget). But even I have to admit, after weeks of enjoying the pristine kitchen, it was beginning to feel a bit like Stepford around here. I miss the excitement of  a busy kitchen and everyone talking at once at the dinner table. I miss my kids.  So the two youngest boys and I decided to mix it up a bit. 
We messed up every counter in the kitchen
 to mix up a feast fit for Cookie Monster.

  What else was there to do on such a soggy day?
Goodbye, clean kitchen.
 Goodbye, low carb diet. 
Hello memories that two boys will always have, 
of the summer when they were the oldest.


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