Worth the Mess

And boy oh boy, what a mess it was! Today we decorated cookies for the edible periodic table.
Chemistry never tasted so good.
Supermom, Kimberly, brought lunch again. Today's treat: navy beans loaded with garlic, onions, carrots and spices. Perfect therapy for all of the head colds going around. And of course, cookies baked with love (the most important *element* in every recipe) were for dessert. The kids picnicked outside while the counters were made ready for the afternoon project.
The real mess was yet to come: A collage that expresses a single word- an emotion or idea. Themes ranged from Precious, Sweetness and Glamour, to Travel, Hard Core and Sangfroid. GOTTA LOVE  IT when the vocabulary words appear on art projects. Dear Son totally gets extra credit for that one! 

The kids ripped into the  pictures with mucho gusto. Thankfully dear friend, Candice, handled damage control by protecting the carpet from Mod Podge and shredded magazine debris. The boys worked outside so their mess was literally blown away by their awesomeness.
 It didn't take long for the wind to chase them back inside. 
The table was full, so our artists overflowed onto the kitchen floor.
Where they could spread out to put the finishing touches on their compositions. Here is Mr. Cool, himself, using blues to highlight his pics.
And the finished products..... 

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