Year of Milestones

Wow, I am so behind the times! There are simply too many milestones to keep up with on the web log this year. We have celebrated landmark birthdays, a high school graduation, and a confirmation so far. I started off on my game with a post about our Sweet 16-er in January. Then life started rolling faster than I could keep up as we planned for a fabulous summer  and a North Carolina camp experience. And I dropped the blogging ball altogether when Uncle Nick broke his hip. Time to play catch up now that Uncle Nick is back in Boogie Mode.
We celebrated a fabulous 18th birthday, right on the heels of a high school graduation.
It was such an exciting way to kick off the summer. These three gals made a fine 2011 graduating class!
And What a thrill to watch Dear Husband present the diploma as we celebrated the accomplishments of our middle child!  

Everyone was excited that Father offered a beautiful mass in honor of the graduates.
Home schooling can be exhausting and the rewards are not always immediate. That is why it was especially validating for me to send another child off to college, well prepared, with a full scholarship in hand. This girl is going places!
It was an accomplishment-
for both of us. 
Good excuse for a grand celebration. 
Speaking of grand celebrations, we had a wingding of a party for the grandtwins' first birthday.  
This was also the year that Queena turned 13. She celebrated her first hours as an official teenager with a sleepover spa party for mermaids. The decorations included mermaid art, streamers, and glittery fabric draped across the living room. Ice cream and cake were served upon sea shells. Facials, manicures, and lots of giggly drama went on until the wee hours of the night. Then the girls hugged pillows until late the following morning. Isn't 13 old enough for breakfast coffee? (Well in New Orleans, babies are weaned on coffee milk and beignets- aren't they?)
Two months later this guy hit double digits.  10!!!
What a difference between the boys and girls when it comes to birthday sleepovers! Just gave the guys lots of food, a bucket of Legos, and an alternate universe to conquer, and they were satisfied to play until 11:30. Then off to bed, because what would a sleepover be without a home cooked breakfast at 6:00 am?
REALLY???? Is it 6:00 am?  

Thanks be to older brothers who took the gang out back for a morning round of something or other so I could sleep in a little longer. Then they started the eggs and biscuits while I pulled out the waffle iron. The aroma was enough to rumble Dad's stomach.
Are all these boys Catholic?  YES, Dear, I think they are.Well, then, how about a morning offering and grace before they settle in for breakfast? Maybe we can even get in a meditation. How long did you say till breakfast?

It's no wonder that I love that man.
After refueling, it was time for football and frisbee on the front lawn until parents arrived to pick up the yawning players.
And the festivities continued as we celebrated another Confirmation. Her godmother and two sisters came to town to stand by her as she ratified the promises we made for her at baptism. It was great fun to see the girls fussing over each other's hair and make-up for an hour before the big event, even if it meant waiting until the last 5 minutes till I could get into my own bathroom to find a hair brush and lip stick. 
Hurry up, Mom. What is taking so long? We are going to be late! 
I miss having everyone at home (some days more than others).  After the reception the teenagers poured into the house for a few hands of cards.

That is, until I shushed their laughter one too many times and they all headed home. What an old lady I am these days! Making the young people quiet down just because it is after 11 on a week night. 
Sure, we will have many more first time experiences and milestones to log this year, but I will try to stay on top it from here on out. Busy family, busy mom, busy blogger. Now, to get back to the business of real life. Weeding the fall garden and cooking something healthy for dinner (especially after all that cake!).


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