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This Little Piggy Missed The Market

After this dissection, the kids are ready for anything!   Did you ever think they would be smiling this much?   Scientists in the making, everyone of them. If you would prefer a virtual dissection, this site is excellent. There is even an online quiz for follow up. We loaded the site onto the big screen and used it as a lab manual. Tried to follow the lesson step by step, beginning with anatomical regions.But we did have a bit of trouble with the wireless mouse, so there was a frustrating delay. The kids were troupers as they waited patiently for the moms to  float around the room with hard copy dissection plans to help them identify the organs of digestion.But we worked out the technical difficulties in time for the respiratory and nervous systems. It was the most informative lesson, so far. I don't know how the remaining labs will measure up (star fish, earthworm, grasshopper, clam, etc....). Maybe the shark will catch their interest.