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A few months ago, my son-in-law brought this big boy home specifically for the biology students. I wrapped him (the shark, that is) in plastic, and tossed him in the freezer to save for Lab 17, Chapter 19: Bony and Cartilaginous Fish.
Imagine Dear Husband's joy when I began defrosting last night. This bull was not going to fit into the 5 gallon bucket I had originally chosen for an all night soak. DH did not appreciate my second brilliant idea:  The MASTER BATH, of course!  It made perfect sense to me. Am I the only one who thinks he was being totally unreasonable?  Apparently so.  Plan C: A makeshift garden tub fit for a bull shark, kept safely in the garage (away from the cat, raccoons, and other neighborhood critters). He re-hydrated beautifully. Say Cheese! The girls were totally into it. The boys, not so much. Go figure.  Miss Pre-Med was in town for Spring Break. She skipped a trip to Pensacola with her friends in order to hang with the family, and lead our Biology lab. Tha…