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My Gardenspot

Do you remember when we had a design contest to layout the new garden? And the winner was dear daughter, the starving college student: It began a bit on the dry side, with nothing but an idea, some pavers, and alot of dirt. And it grew into a beautiful courtyard style garden for my morning meditations.  And it grew... And grew..... And gave me something beautiful to share with my grandsons, Who love to pick green beans before their time. But I don't mind.  One son planted zucchini and yellow squash in his section. Another planted green beans on the side. I planted herbs, onions, garlic, peppers, okra and tomatoes along the front row.  Dear grandson just watched and waited for something to sprout. We watered every plant till the budget cried "Uncle," then God graciously sent us a rain that magically brought forth abundant fruit . He is good that way, isn't He? So I broke down and bought a rain barrel to capture some of that magic from heaven.
The garden is finally pa…