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Too Clean for Comfort

I bet you never thought I would say those words. After all, how can anything be too clean?  Well, I once knew a nurse that suffered terribly at home because she worked long hours in a sterile environment. She became sensitive to everything in the air.  Not that my house is a sterile environment. But after cashing in on a Groupon for 60% off of a total house cleaning,  it is as close to immaculate as possible. With 5 kids away at summer camp, and Uncle Nick recuperating in a skilled nursing facility, the house is actually staying spic and span.  Fewer people= lighter meals, less laundry, less traffic, and cleaner floors.  And since it is summer, we are spending more time at the pool, so even the boys are cleaner.  I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE!  So much so that my Dear Husband said he never saw anyone get such a charge over cleaning.  Not cleaning, my Dear, but having it cleaned.  That is the part that I love (especially when it can be done on this frugal budget). But even I have to admit, afte…