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What Would Your Family Do?

No cell phones, video games, TV, Facebook. How about no Internet at all? What would your family do with the free  time? Maybe they would......
 Take a hike together and appreciate the beauty of nature. It could be fun to meet a new family or two along the way,  and maybe challenge them to a game of checkers.... or football. They could toss the frisbee and dive for a volleyball Your kids might even decide to Clean their rooms.... And make dear Mom smile ;) But more than likely they would rather learn a new game.  Especially one that allows them to clobber a brother with a dodge ball BOMBARDMENT!!! The girls would also like to make a craft,  or learn a new dance move. Dear son can cut a pretty mean rug as well. When not pretending to be Tom Sawyer. As much as kids like to dress up, They should stage a play. Maybe your child would prefer some
one-on-one time with a special friend? Or a leisurely afternoon ride?
Think of all the possibilities...