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The Fine Art of Homeschooling

This homeschooling family is tackling a subject that often falls by the wayside when the schedule is tight. ART! My secret to avoid neglecting those back burner subjects is simple. Invite a few families to join us each week. Nothing like a little accountability to put the pressure on!. In typical DIY fashion, we jumped right into a subject that we know very little about, and resolved to learn it together.
Week one was devoted to defining art and discussing why it is important for any given culture. Our studio time was spent designing our own personal logos which will eventually be digitally enhanced and applied to homemade art portfolios.

White duct tape and poster boards were used to construct these handy dandy carriers to hold 2 dimensional projects. Foam board would probably be more sturdy, but money and space are scarce these days. The poster boards came in a 10 pack from Wally World at a cost of $3.67.  We picked up sketch pads and water color tablets from Hobby Lobby using 40% …