It's All Greek To Me

Stiff and stoic archaic period sculptures; graceful classical period reliefs;  St. Paul's journeys through Corinth, Ephesus, and Rhodes; mythology retold for young audiences - What a whirlwind tour of Greece we've had these past few weeks!
  We've sketched battle helmets, painted Hoplite shields, and designed theatrical masks.
Isn't Medusa terrifying????
The boys even built a Trojan Horse out of cardboard. 
Well, it actually turned into a Star Wars AT-AT, but they promised to deliver a Trojan Horse before the Art Exhibit next week. 
Did I mention the Art Exhibit? It will be held immediately after the Science Fair on Friday the 17th. Ooops! I don't think I mentioned the Science Fair either. Parents, grandparents, and friends of the family are welcome to join us for an open house as we showcase the kids' hard work. Refreshments will be provided ;)  I am so excited for this last hurrah before Lent begins. 
In the meantime, there is a battle going on in the living room. I hope the Trojans return Helen to Sparta soon, before my sofa is beaten to a pulp by the  καταπέλτης (katapeltēs).


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