Ship Shape Field Trip

After two days of watching God water the lawn and garden, we needed to get out of the house (before the bouncy boys were grounded for life). Fortunately, it was Navy Week and the City of New Orleans hosted the event with the usual southern panache.  I called my Mom to see if she wanted to join her grand kids on an impromptu field trip to the city. KT agreed to join us so we met at her house in Mid-City.

We splurged on day passes for the streetcar so we could listen to grandma reminisce about 7 cent fares and the days when it was safe for a young girl to travel the city streets alone.

What would a couple of rough and tumble boys enjoy more than to tour the tall ships, 

and handle some 1812 replica weaponry?

(I don't think it was only the boys who enjoyed it...)

 There were displays to enjoy while waiting in line for the tours
 And a good bit of history to learn along the way.

 All aboard!
The tours were fabulous and the sailors were so helpful
Except maybe this guy....
Who really had it in for my boys.
We had some good ol' patriotic entertainment.
And topped it off with an obligatory serving of beignets and street jazz.
The kids were on a sugar rush and just dizzy with delight.
Even though we were all exhausted, 

everyone wanted to return to the art museum on the way home.
In keeping with the theme.....
With a little Picasso on the side.
My Mom had a great time.
And so did I.


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