Plan Z: The Movie

Coming Soon

to a Tube Near You:

Yes!  The summer project has been completed, and not a moment too soon. The producer leaves for summer camp in 3 hours.  It was interesting to watch "Casings" edit the clips and add special effects to the various scenes. I think he learned quite a bit about the intricacies of Adobe After Effects, the pitfalls of Window's Movie Maker, and the difficulties of directing a group of free spirited teenagers. And let's not forget copyright infringement. Some lessons are harder than others. Luckily Youtube is lenient with amateurs who ignore the rules (and their mother's advice). Sorry, there are no credits on this version, because mean ol' mom wouldn't allow the producer/ director to publish the actor's real names. But congrats to all of them for contributing their talents to the production of Plan Z!
I know the ending is a little abrupt, but the bus was leaving for camp with or without the director. And a deadline is a deadline. LOL


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