Ignite Your Faith and Love Loud

That was the theme of St. Margaret Mary's College Ministry evening last night. And did it rock!! When was the last time you saw hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of teens and young adults voluntarily go to church, stay for adoration, and then rush to get in line for confession? God bless the 5-6 priests who stayed for 2 1/2 hours to hear every single one of those kids pour their heart out to Christ. God Bless the college students who met and worked all month to share an amazing Steubenville Retreat experience with the rest of the parish.

 And I thank God for the witness of tears, joy, song, and faith that I witnessed last night. But I especially thank God for the witness of the 10 year old boy who sat alone in the chapel until the deacon returned the Blessed Sacrament to its place on the altar. When the child popped up out of his pew and lay prostrate on the floor, my heart melted. When he prayed, as though the sins of the world were upon his shoulders, I knew I was witnessing purity, innocence, and powerful faith, like that of Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio , or maybe Dominic Savio. Was he preparing his soul for the persecutions yet to come? Will he become another generous and holy priest? I have been forever changed by the witness of a child raised in a holy family. And I know his mamma. Today, she is my role model. This family gets the Be Not Afraid Award for engaging the Culture and standing for Christ.

Can you find my dear daughter? Looks just like her father. And she rocks!!!!!


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