Need A Vacation

I totally need a snoozing on the beach vacation, to recuperate from our adventure in the Carolina mountains last week. But that is not in the budget. Instead, I will be washing clothes and cleaning house for the next 48 hours. Then onto a marathon of lesson planning for a co-op we joined in the Mississippi Bay area. As soon as I stop daydreaming about waterfalls and rock climbing, I should get to work.  I really should.
 It was a real treat to have Matt and Jeni, 
Mom, and Uncle Nick join us this year.
 And it was especially nice for Dear Husband to get out of a high stress office for the week.
 The teens loved playing bombardment, and catching up with their friends by the campfire.
And the younger kids ate more than their fill of smores.
Some things are worth the wait.
And others...
 Are worth the RUSH!

Lesson plans. Right. G'bye.


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