Late Nights and Crazy Days

Not posting much lately because of too many late nights and crazy days during the week. Dear Husband has been working long hours and frequent weekends. Thank goodness for his perseverance and dedication to our welfare. On those Saturdays when he does not have to go into the office, he has been dealing with plumbing and air conditioning issues, along with the usual yard maintenance.  The kids have been kicking in extra to make sure he doesn't have too much to do in the lawn department, but they aren't much help with household repairs just yet. I am grateful to have a husband that will take the time to try to find the source of the water damage to the kitchen ceiling, replace a bathtub faucet valve, and install a new AC capacitor before calling in the $$$$$$$$pecialists.......
 What does he get in reward, a stack of Algebra II papers to grade and an evening of calculus tutoring for our 16 year old. And on his first day off in quite a while---- rain! Lots and lots of it.  Since we had the grandkiddos over for a couple of nights this weekend, it was the perfect time to take advantage of the Smithsonian's Free Museum Day Live.  We chose the Children's museum so the littles could burn off energy in spite of the rainy weather.
The boys loved wrestling alligators (and each other) in the swamp exhibit.
Teachable moments at every turn.
 Tried their hands at construction and plumbing work. 
 Checked out the Winn Dixie shopping experience.
 Good taste runs in the family. And he know what size to buy for our clan.

 All of the exhibits were educational,
Though some were a bit unusual.......
But it was a great way to pass the time while God watered my fall garden.
 Future ophthalmologist.
Some people say we are raising our kids in a bubble. 
I suppose sometimes they are right.

 Now we are all beat-- ready for a good read before bed. Goodnight.


Anonymous said…
Suzanne, you make me look eagerly toward the days of being a grandmother!!! It is so nice to see this slice of your life!!

In Christ,

Suzanne said…
Congratulations on your beautiful new gift from heaven! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. God Bless you and your beautiful family!

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