Dear Daughter, The Activist

She is making her views (and ours) heard, on campus and off.  Recently a reporter for MORE magazine, based in New York  contacted the Louisiana Right to Life organization to find potential candidates for an interview.  Here is how it went down.....

"...We're doing a story on the pro-choice and pro-life views women hold, which will be featured in a long piece on the 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade. MORE is a smart, thoughtful magazine, and we're talking to women of all ages about why they feel the way they do; many of them have changed their views, too. Right now, I'm looking to find a really sharp, articulate young woman who happens to be age 18 or 19, who can speak about why she is pro-life—not her activism, but how she came to hold the views she does, what her background on the issue is and what her beliefs are. Do you know anyone who would be interested in speaking with us, and can really speak passionately and eloquently about their beliefs? This would be for a section within the feature that focuses on two women in the Millenial generation (one pro-choice, one pro-life), and their attitudes and concerns. 
If you can think of anyone, please let me know—I'd love to submit a few people from Louisiana Right to Life as potential candidates for the interview, by Wednesday. Thank you!"

LRTL forwarded the info to dear Daughter; here is an excerpt from her response:
I believe that if the unborn is a human life, then we should protect both their life and their mother's life. Scientifically we know that the unborn is very much alive, distinct from the mother, and obviously human at the moment of conception. As a society we recognize the importance of human life and the need to protect that life. We should not discriminate against our fellow humans based on size, dependency, environment, or stage in development. When we do so, people begin to draw arbitrary lines that are not consistent. If it is legal to end an innocent life in the womb, what will stop us from moving that arbitrary line past birth? I believe that every human life has value and worth. Life should be protected in all stages, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.
I come from a rather large family. We are all very different and have unique abilities. Growing up in such a diverse family, I began to understand why other perspectives matter. Everybody is unique and we all have something to offer the world. I was taught that an unborn child was indeed alive and I would watch ultrasounds in awe. The most impacting moment of my life was when I held a newborn baby in my arms. I knew that they were a valuable person. They were different from me, they would have different struggles and strengths. However we were both given a chance to live, and what we do with that life is most important. 

The Reporter replied:
Wow. You're kind of an amazing writer.  Are you actually 18 or 19 years old? I'd love to recommend you.
(So she answered that  she was 19 and Italian American. They are trying to make sure there is enough diversity)

And then..
Wow. I'm actually shocked. You seem to me to be a very, very good writer - at least on cursory examination!  I wasn't that good at 19. Keep writing!

*Well, the magazine did choose another candidate. Oh well, this proud mom says it is their loss.


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