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Thing One and Thing Two

Lessons fromDr. Seuss:

"The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play.  So we sat in the house  All that cold, cold,wet day."
Well, almost all day. Once the thunder quieted and lightning flashed its last, Thing One and Thing Two knew just what to do. They donned swim trunks, grabbed the skim boards, and sloshed through the sea that used to be our yard.
 They were even able to convince Teen Thing to join them for some brotherly bonding. It's no wonder the grass doesn't grow back there any more!
Homeschool PE: Unique as a boy's imagination! I don't think they will even notice that baseball practice was cancelled today.
I, on the other hand, lounged on the sofa like a sluggard; eating pasta, potatoes, and other such fattening comfort foods.  It has been two days of nonstop thunderstorms and my newly planted garden is drowning. One more day until the sun is scheduled to shine. This solar powered mom is ready to recharge. Coffee anyone?