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Awwwwwww Mom!

Today is the last day that the kids will be over to shoot a zombie movie (trust me, lots of zombies have been shot).  After enjoying their interactions this past weekend, I must say they are the nicest, most polite group of zombies / zombie slayers that I have ever met. They have been unloading my groceries when it is time to restock, cleaning the kitchen after lunch breaks, including the younger kids here and there, and going on a bit about how surprised appreciative they are that I agreed to the whole zombie theme. But today is the day that they will be put to the Classically Catholic test. Can you hear my kids now?
Awwwww Mommmmmmm!
While it is true that I would prefer the crew tackle another Shakespeare Under the Oaks project, 

I realize they are teenagers (boys mostly) who would rather include an arsenal of air soft weapons in every scene. Exams are over, school is out of session, and there is tension to be unleashed. I am reminded of a spiritual director who encouraged me to b…