We drove through the night and arrived in time for mass at 8:30 am, Sunday morning. After unloading the car and catching up with Dear Son and Daughter-in-Law, we took a quick snooze before the big game. I thought the roof would come down when the Ravens won!  The next day we headed to the Inner Harbor for some shopping and museum fun. Dear Husband was spotted in his Raven's gear, so the DC news crew interviewed him: "Planning to attend the Superbowl when you return home?"  
"Hey, all donations gratefully accepted."  
 The kids were antsy to get back to the house to wait for the predicted snowfall. They were not disappointed. What could be better on a snowy winter's eve than Maryland Crab Cakes, Maryland Crab Soup, and Cream of Crab Soup? Having it prepared by my oldest son! 
He made a fabulous meal which also included baked potatoes and broiled asparagus.
And he made enough soup to fill thermoses to take with us Friday to the March For Life.
Sure beat the PB and J's or tuna salad that I had planned.
The kids enjoyed the ride into DC on the metro.
Uncle Nick stayed warm behind his Ninja mask. 
He was especially happy to have my daughter-in-law sitting beautifully beside him.

I am sure you saw all the coverage by the mainstream media,
we were more than 1/2 million strong.

Our gang arrived on the scene in time for the rally at the mall; then met the College Ministry group in front of the Smithsonian.  We never did find our other friends scattered throughout the crowd; but it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Even with cell phones in hand, it was impossible to navigate through the throngs of pro-life advocates. 
 We found out later that Dear Daughter and her Best Friend had an interview of their own at the Youth Rally. Counting the college paper interview given by Dear Daughter, Women's Resources Officer, that makes three interviews given by family members in the month of January, 2013. I told you they would make a difference!
My Beautiful Daughter-in-Law kept Uncle Nick on course so I could keep my eyes on the Antman in the flaming mohawk cap. Jeni is wonderful and incredibly patient.
We hung out with the Life Boat for a while; they were really rocking.
The most impressive banners were displayed toward the end of the March by GETSERIOUSCHURCH.COM

They seriously challenged my sleepy conscience to WAKE UP and GET BUSY. It seems I have been suffering from a faulty theory of relativity.  Relative to someone who does nothing, I feel like a diligent pro-lifer who prays, writes letters, blogs, attends rallies, supports Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and does my darnedest to raise children that stand up for the Culture of Life. Relative to the standard to which I am called as a Catholic Christian, that list begins to sound pretty lame. Seriously, when asked what I did to save someone's life, am I really going to say I did all that could be done? Am I honestly going to stand before God and all those discarded children with a clear conscience simply because I wrote an occasional letter, dropped a check in the mail, or posted a Life News Facebook status? It is time for a serious resolution to end this atrocity AT ALL COSTS, and ASAP.

I pray that with everyone's efforts, our favorite T-shirt slogan this year will be prophetic:


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