Solar Powered Mia

We had the grandkids for a couple of days last week since the oldest was out of school for Mardi Gras break (perks of living on the Gulf Coast- a week off for Mardi Gras instead of a day off for President's Day). Luckily the gloomy skies parted long enough for all the kids to get outside for a while. I don't think I could have survived being trapped in the house with 6 boys for much longer. I don't think they could have survived captivity with a sunshine-deprived Mia for another minute.

 When the grandtwins went down for afternoon naps, I enlisted their big brother to help me with a winter project. The diagrams were labeled with ABCs and 123s- perfect for Kindergarten-level teamwork.  Construction was completed within an hour; then the real fun began. The twins woke up to join us for the dirty work.

We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, green beans, cucumbers, and petunias in starter pots; then lined the shelves of our new greenhouse.  It was a rewarding afternoon in many ways.  Mia was able to recharge; the boys were able to look at vegetables in a new light (they can be a little picky at the dinner table), and our Senior resident was able to enjoy studying her literature and physics lessons through LSU colored glasses.
I lined the "floor" with topsoil and grass seed, hoping that we could rejuvenate this muddy lawn before spring. KT suggested that we move the greenhouse around to grow grass in a checkerboard pattern, just for interest.
One lone brick rests in the center so I can lean inside with a watering can, without crushing the baby grass when it comes in.
We ended the day by picking some carrots and sugar snap peas to steam for dinner.  There is something about picking your own veggies that makes them taste better to a 5 year old.

A chilly breeze chased us inside at dusk, and the temperature dropped to 27 degrees that night. Great timing, wouldn't you say?  And I have been recharged for another day.


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