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A Swinging Birthday

Birthdays have been pretty low key around here lately. We tend to host special events for landmark years such as first birthdays, hitting double digits, becoming a teenager, turning 16, 18, or 21.  Otherwise, a family dinner with a special dessert is the usual routine. There are enough of us to make quite a party on our own.  However, when Gina, the Queena, turned 15, she suggested that after Latin Mass in the city, we take the family party to the WWII Museum for swing dancing lessons. Who could resist?
Even Uncle Nick was in.
 The Birthday Girl danced with her Father.  She danced with her sisters and her brothers.  And she smiled the entire afternoon.  Especially when the entire crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Wonder how they knew ;)

 Fun for all ages! And it is free every Sunday afternoon in the summer.

Critter Relocation Program

The garden didn't produce very well this summer, and when it did, our friendly neighborhood critters helped themselves to the fruits. After trying all sorts of opossum and raccoon deterrents we finally decided to trap the critters and relocate them to a wooded area several miles down the road.
Turns out the opossum is a fan of cupcakes and the raccoons like cantaloupe.  Lucky for us they didn't care for cucumber or watermelon. We were able to harvest an abundance of each.

With a pepper here and there.

Precious Preschoolers

Never thought you'd see me in the early afternoon school carline, did you? Well,  I couldn't resist an opportunity to pick up these two cuties every Monday and Friday for a play date at Mia's house while their mom is at work.
Their uncles think it is a fine idea as well. My knights in school uniforms love a good sword fight on a sunny afternoon.