Chicken Run

Remember  when we came home from the Halbert Hacienda after Memorial Weekend, with a Life Science Experiment in tow?

Well, it turned into a fun summer project.  Three little chicks survived the incubation and brooding period.  
The boys named them: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Luckily veto power goes to Mom.  I call one Benedicta (as in Eggs Benedict). Bene for short, because it's Italian. And because she is a she, which is very Good!  It also goes with the name of our pet dog, a Border Collie named Bandita.  Chicken #2 is called Scholastica, since that is Benedict's twin. Abbreviated Schola, in honor of our Classical Homeschool and focus on Latin hymns this year. 
I couldn't think of a name for the third hen, until bright and early one morning- it came to me. PETER. Nuff said.

Dear Husband helped me transform the playset into a chic condo for the "girls."
With three nesting boxes, a rear door for gathering eggs,
and a front gate for easy watering, feeding, and cleaning.
Only problem is, the girls aren't all so girly. Two roos and a pullet; or two pullets and a roo? We are still not certain. But Peter definitely started crowing on a regular basis; so we sent him to live in a more rural area (with my farmgirl friend who currently supplies us with eggs). Natalie is boarding him until we can decide what in the world to do. Should we go with the boys' original idea of "Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?" Not quite sure we are ready to go there. When my Lil Sis shows up for our big canning experience, she is supposed to bring a laying hen to trade out for the roo(s). But I don't think she really wants to transport the crower back home.  We may bite the proverbial bullet and butcher the little guy. After all, organically fed chicken sells at a premium price in the groceries. And my little friend from the country has a few roosters of her own to "relocate." We could build one of these……..


………………... or not. You will just have to wait for a future post to find out. 
I know- the suspense, right?


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