Science Rules! Or is it Rules for Science???

When you've educated your children at home for 25+ years (Oh my! Really- Has it been that long?), there comes a time to replace expensive textbooks with more modern, expensive textbooks. And I am happy to do so. Shopping for school supplies gives me a strange sort of rush. Probably what other women experience when they redecorate their homes. Can't explain it. I LOVE BOOKS! Today's excitement brought to you by: Apologia Young Explorers Science Curriculum. Immersion learning, Charlotte Mason style, is the focus; rather than the typical elementary science textbook which is more of a general science survey.  The note booking journals and textbooks are loaded with experiments which really help young minds remember the concepts learned. And then, there is the notebooking aspect. All of the printables are in the notebook. No searching on the Internet for resources to supplement a dull textbook. I. LOVE. IT.

Last week's lesson - making lava lamps out of old bottles, oil, vinegar, Alka Seltzer, and food dye. What kids wouldn't love that mess? 

I don't know about you, but smiling boys during school hours makes my day.  And yes, we did discuss rules for science. Do NOT eat or sniff or otherwise consume the science projects.  Not even if this week's pan of goo looks like marshmallow cream.

Non-Newtonian liquid or amorphous solid?

Or is it simply a huge mess that will clog the sink? 


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