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Flying Under The Radar

Wow! It has been a very long time since the last Classically Catholic blog post. I have been reading more than writing lately. Honestly it has been kind of nice keeping a low profile and flying under the radar for a while. Here is a recap of the past few months….

May was chaotic as the college crowd came home, exploded all over the house  dropped off their gear, and headed off to work in the Blue Ridge Mountains for the summer.

It was a quick turnaround, but they didn't head out before Giordan produced his annual summer movie:

Shortly after the college crowd headed to camp, the house was restored to some semblance of normalcy. Then we headed to the Lone Star State.  My sister and her husband hosted a Memorial Day Bash in true Texas style. Never a dull moment at the Hacienda.

 Can't beat live music... Lively Chicken Fights in the pool,
And live crawfish.
Of course the crawfish were better after the big boil.  The excitement continued after the party, because Dear Sister sent us …