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Garden of Weedin

The weather is finally taking a turn from stifling humidity to bearable heat.  Time in the garden is back on the schedule. It has grown considerably over the years, although the produce is not as abundant as I had hoped. Still, it is a quiet refuge from the daily grind. The patio is now enclosed by a simple, light weight fence to keep out rampaging football players and stray soccer balls. Having that visual border has made a huge difference. I am back to morning coffee with a family of cardinals, a scurry of squirrels, and a few moments with God, as seen through the eyes of Fulton Sheen.   Very nice. The Blessed Mother watches over the roses and blueberry bushes. St. Joseph is guarding my olive tree. And St. Anthony is posted in front of the orange tree.  
The trees are in pots this year, so I can scoot them into a green house when the frost threatens. We lost 2 citrus trees to hard freeze last winter.  I still need to replant some sugar snap peas and broccoli. Both bolted in the hea…

Fall Break and Birthday Celebrations

They are coming home for the weekend- los tres amigos. A rare occasion to have all three come in at once.
In honor of this young man's 13th birthday. This has been the year for landmark birthdays. One hit double digits in July and another turned 13 today. 16 was in August, while 18 and 21 spent their summer birthdays at camp. Six of us had a little preview cake tonight- but the rest of the birthday party arrives tomorrow. Time for a family dinner out. Lookout Southside! We are coming for your steak special. Then in November, the pushing 30's & the 30-somethings will join us for an early Thanksgiving celebration.  Hopefully we can get Vince off the boat long enough to join us. Imagine the WHOLE family together, grandkids included (and there isn't even a wedding on the schedule). I plan to get a quick family photo before they all scatter back into the busyness of the world. One.Happy.Mamma.

New Projects Derail Blogging

ClassicallyCatholic@blogspot has been on the back burner for quite a while, as new projects have piqued my interest. A season for everything I suppose. Currently I am enjoying time spent in the garden while listening to the Edel Talks on Conversion Diary.  Extra-specially the third audio clip on mortification given by HALEY STEWART entitled "My Children Are Killing Me." Highly recommended, if you have half an hour or so and need an attitude adjustment.  She's a kick.  I've also been painting, reading, over-seeing a Classically Catholic Homeschool Co-op, baking, volunteering with the Good Samaritan Ministry in our parish, and of course, teaching the last 3 kids at home. But blogging-- not so much. Hope to get back to it, at least on occasion.

For now I will leave you with some recommended reading:   St. John Paul the Great - His 5 Loves, by Jason EvertFighting Mad, by Dr. Ray Anything by Fulton SheenOr Anthony Esolen