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Now I CAN, too!

A visit with my sister is always interesting, enjoyable, productive, and quite frankly, exhausting. She stopped by my house for a few days before meeting her dear husband for a weekend of deep sea fishing. In the few days she was here we prepped for my first canning experience…. Roasted tomatoes and peppers for flatbreads and preserving…. Canned red beans, green beans, corn, chowder, and chili…..

Showed our mom how to bring "Healthy Homemade Wholesomeness" into the new millennium...

 While still keeping with my IBM, "Italian By Marriage," traditions: No bread machine here- all kneading done a' mano. Lots of love in that flatbread.
And in this Panini Dolce- My Favorite!
 Oh yes, Aunt Rene also taught the boys how to make soap (Christmas gifts in the works)
 And hypnotize chickens!
Never a dull moment with my little sis.  Mission accomplished.  Little House on the Prairie Week  with electricity………..and wine.   La Dolce Vita!