Mom's the Bomb

You might be a Catholic Homeschooling Mom if you have sugar and alum crystals growing at the feet of Our Lady of Fatima, in your kitchen.

You might be an Organized Homeschooling Mom if you have a chart for everything: school assignments, chores, meals, behavior, work schedules, youth group activities, sporting events, and music lessons.
You might be a Crunchy Homeschooling Mama if your windowsill is home for scraps for the hens, peelings for the compost, soil test kits for the garden, and medicinal teas for cold and flu season.  Smell the eucalyptus diffusing through the sick bay?

 You might be an Incarcerated Homeschooling Mom if a nosy neighbor mistakes the empty casings from the soil test kit for something suspicious during an impromptu visit.
You might be a Smart Hoomeschooling Mom if this contact information is affixed to that handy dandy chore chart, for such occasions.

You might be a Frugal Homeschooling Mom if there is laundry detergent brewing in your stock pots. Sorry kids, it isn't italian "gravy" this time.
And if your boys' best bud drops by in time to help mix the potassium nitrate with some sugar….
 and you let them pack it into an empty bathroom paper roll….
 then give them each a candle wick to complete the project…...
You might just be the Most Awesome Homeschooling Mom on the block.


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