Monday Mania At Mia's

The grandtwins are hanging out with us this week, to see what preschool would be like at Mia's house.  Since it was Monday, we decided to begin with the letter M. The boys went on a scavenger hunt to find mustard, maps, markers, make-up, music makers, and money (which somehow ended up in someone's wallet instead of on the "M Museum"  table).

Then we practiced writing Mm and colored pictures of Monkeys and Mummies. After an early lunch we went to Mass and talked about Mother Mary.

Naptime was followed by Matching Mini Madonna Masterpieces. Science consisted of a quick look through astronomy books focussing on the phases of the Moon.  We ended with a cooking lesson.

Mall Pretzels 
(Ok, I know that one was a stretch- but it was a nice lenten snack). 
Better enjoy it now. They grow up so quickly.


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